Why Acos?

In today’s economic climate, only one factor is certain to stay constant: change. And in response to the changing market, ACOS is offering a new way of trading, based on an offer of purchasing solutions made in advance of commodity sales. The international pulse market can be described as highly turbulent, with great geographic diversity among the various production areas, and with real problems in accessing supply sources. Efficient buying requires specialisation, a thorough knowledge of products and processes, an approach specifically geared to dealing with varying linguistic and cultural values, constant supervision of production sites, and expertise in international commerce and logistical organization. Coping with all of the above necessitates the deployment of immense human and financial resources and a great deal of time.
And this is why ACOS was founded.

Key figures

Leader in pulses.

  • 6 factories
  • 600 people employed by the Group worldwide.
  • 4.000 containers operated every year.   
  • 100 million kgs of products processed.