Acos DNA

Pedon Group


Intermediate customer and final customer

Our major asset is our customers. Their maximum satisfaction is therefore our primary objective.
Acos commits to supply its customers with optimal value in relationship to the offer's price and constantly to improve the quality and health/sanitary safety of its products. Company policy guarantees both complete traceability throughout the branch and the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMO's) in the products supplied.

Acos's purchasing solution

Acos offers its customers the possibility of externalising their buying functions, by proposing a new supplying model. No longer a “zero-sum game” in terms of customer relations, but rather a fiduciary relationship in wich both partners achieve their own objectives. The Acos model is expressed in long-term partnerships founded on transparency, work planning and above all sharing of goals between supplier and customer. Acos determines the customer’s needs in terms of quality, commercial or technological destination of the product, price, and supply time. It processes these and, by continuosly monitoring its own global supply network, finds the best solution.

Human resources

Acos aspires to create a working environment in which each individual feels valorised, respected, and able to contribute to the achievement of the company's objectives. It therefore believes in modern human-resource management based on total commitment, in a transparent and participatory management style, on maximising the knowledge and experience of each individual, in individual responsibility and teamwork.

Commercial partners

Acos establishes with its commercial partners relationships based on collaboration, transparency and the sharing of business objectives, so that both parties are able to derive maximum satisfaction from the relationship in terms of both profitability and human relations.


Acos commits to monitor the environmental impact of its activities on the eco-system and, in particular, to raise the awareness of its partners with respect to the adoption of eco-sustainable processes and agronomic techniques. It is Acos's company policy to refuse to market genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and, on the contrary, to promote organic agricultural production.